Know Us First

The truth is, we can't help ourselves in constantly challenging and questioning everything that exists in Digital Media. Besides thinking beyond any box, we effortlessly blur the lines between work and fun. Its a norm at Cog Digital and we embrace it with an open heart.

Whether you are an expert in customer relationships, a writer, a visualizer, a designer, a programmer or an app developer, we offer you a place that fosters growth, identifies your true potential and encourages stability.

Values that drive us

/Think big

Ideas are our competitive advantage.We as a team share a responsibility to challenge the status quo, and embrace change.

/Follow your heart

We do the right thing no matter if no one is watching. We follow our heart everyday while we make decisions, both big & small.

/Raise the bar

We push ourselves and each other to outgrow our own capacities, learn form mistakes and become better everyday.

/Together, we win

Our Ideas and goals are too big for an individual. Alone we are smart but together we make things happen, almost everything!


Fortunately, we are not a large agency who hire hundreds of interns in a go because then you would struggle making sure everyone knows who you are for your entire internship period. We are happy to be a bunch of casual people who take their work seriously. It doesn't matter if you wear shredded jeans or a suit to the office, if you desire to be good at something, we offer you an environment to identify your interest, learn the core, build capacity and surprise yourself!

Internship is meant to be an educational experience that helps develop your skill set and kick start your career. Here at Cog Digital, we provide you all of this along with a supportive environment and the right attitude to reach your goals in life.

We ran some numbers on our team


So, do you have what it takes to become one of us?

If so, then send us your details and we will get back to you.

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Internship Details

Please mention if you have any specific skills and know-how which would be useful to consider your application?

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The interns once placed at Cogdigital will need to complete the term for which the placement has been agreed upon. Once decided, no change will be generally allowed, but exceptions will be allowed in case the intern and mentor feel the need for a change in assignment.
  2. Cogdigital will provide a Certificate to the intern on completion of the term and based on the report from the mentor.
  3. The intern will follow Cogdigital rules and conform to the values and work ethics of the organization.
  4. The intern will need to have their own medical and other insurance. Cogdigital will not provide this facility.
  5. In case of a medical emergency or any genuine problem which needs that the intern would not be able to complete the mandatory days, the mentor can recommend extension of the term depending on the requirement for the project. In such cases, certificate will be given only if the internship is completed.

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