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Terms and Conditions

  1. The interns once placed at Cogdigital will need to complete the term for which the placement has been agreed upon. Once decided, no change will be generally allowed, but exceptions will be allowed in case the intern and mentor feel the need for a change in assignment.
  2. Cogdigital will provide a Certificate to the intern on completion of the term and based on the report from the mentor.
  3. The intern will follow Cogdigital rules and conform to the values and work ethics of the organization.
  4. The intern will need to have their own medical and other insurance. Cogdigital will not provide this facility.
  5. In case of a medical emergency or any genuine problem which needs that the intern would not be able to complete the mandatory days, the mentor can recommend extension of the term depending on the requirement for the project. In such cases, certificate will be given only if the internship is completed.