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Online advertising helps placing your brand in the rich and immersive digital environment of the internet. Amongst all the advertising agencies in Delhi, we at Cog Digital believe in performances. Return on investment remains the most crucial metric of very business. Online advertising can expose your brand to many consumers through integrated campaigns, banner ads, media ads, media campaigns, ad copy, news feed ads, e- mail marketing, digital activations and search ads and many specified techniques. We also create original banner advertisements and corresponding landing pages to build the bridge between online advertising and the website and ensure a high conversion rate. As a fully integrated ad agency in Delhi we make sure that all the parts work as well together as the cogs in an engine.


  1. Creating impactful ads which are constantly evaluated on their effectiveness.
  2. Identifying the right websites and audiences for display to ensure the right context.
  3. Managing the ad serving software of all major websites and ad networks (like Google’s network AdSense).
  4. Enabling real time adjustment to any campaign.
  5. Data collection and analysis to optimize running campaigns.
  6. We manage the full media planning including placement, pricing and performance.

We aim to be leading the best digital marketing companies in Delhi and are dedicated to deliver nothing but the best service imaginable

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